We serve a special 40-year old special sauce and fresh, carefully selected chicken, and Kamameshi

Our restaurant offers uniquely delicious food overlooking the beautiful Minato Mirai night views.

Access is 1 minute from Sakuragicho Station.


Our restaurant is located within 1 minute walk from Sakuragicho station.   Our temperature-controlled large cellar with bottles of sake and wine is hard to miss.  We provide an off the beaten path ambiance.  Minato Mirai night views are gorgeous, overlooking the Landmark Tower and Intercontinental Hotel, where you will have the ultimate Yokohama Night experience.  

Yakitori & Kamameshi TORIGIN

Enjoy the night view from the luxurious window.

The table seat creates a romantic time.

The flat seat that you can enjoy in many people and have a night view.

Open 16:00~Close 23:30(Last order – 22:30)

Duis bibendum, ex ac rutrum pharetra.


Duis bibendum, ex ac rutrum pharetra.
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Nunc tempus sem id mi tristique.


  • Mild and warm lighting will make you at ease.  Half of our restaurant on the ocean side is the best location with glass walls.
  • Counter seating offers a full open kitchen, providing the energetic atmosphere
  • Owner hand-picked BGM that allow customers to enjoy their conversation.  Full open kitchen offers a great mix of relaxation and excitement
40 People


40 People
16 People


16 People