Yakitori dining with night views.  You will enjoy romantic luxurious dinner with beautiful views for a special occasion, with glittering “Harbor Night Views” and “Ocean Night Views” with beautiful nature.  

Sprawling views will transport you to a dreamlike space.  It’s easy to access from Tokyo.  


1-101-1 Sakuragichō, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa-ken 231-0062

29 MIN from TOKYO

Fastest and easy to transfer to Torigin Yokohama.


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Yokohama Museum

Yokohama Museum of Art opened to the public on November 3, 1989. It is one of the largest art institutions in Japan. With its iconic architecture, featuring the expansive space of the Grand Gallery, the museum is made up of a total of seven gallery spaces, as well as an Art Information and Media Center that holds over 110,000 art-related books, ateliers hosting a wide range of workshops for children and adults, and many other facilities.

Queen's Square Yokohama

Queen’s Square Yokohama is situated directly above Minatomirai station on the Minatomirai line. The three symbol towers with a wave motif mark the building out. Queen’s Square Yokohama is a huge shopping/office building complex with over 200 stores and restaurants, including The Yokohama Bay Hotel Tokyu overlooking the Port of Yokohama, and the Yokohama Minatomirai Hall which caters to concerts for all genres of music.

Nippon Maru at the Memorial Park

Sail Training Ship NIPPON MARU was built in 1930 as a training ship for cadets. The ship brought up 11,500 cadets for 54 years until her retirement as a training ship in 1984. During her service, NIPPON MARU logged 45.4 times around the earth (1,830,000 kilometers in total). The ship was placed under the authority of the City of Yokohama in 1984 and has been open to the public since 1985.

Cup Noodles Museu

This interactive museum is designed to stir the creativity and curiosity within every child and provide a rich educational experience. Through the museum’s many exhibits you can learn about the creative thinking of Momofuku Ando, the founder of Nissin Food Products and inventor of Chicken Ramen, the world’s first instant ramen that revolutionized eating customs all over the world.

Yokohama Landmark Tower

The highest observation deck in Yokohama can be reached via the country’s fastest elevator which whisks you up to the 69th floor in just under 40 seconds. Once you’ve arrived, enjoy the 360-degree panoramic view of the city, extending all the way to Tokyo and even Mt. Fuji on a clear day. The view is especially pretty at night.

Yokohama World Porters

The 210 or so unique stores at WORLD PORTERS are divided into different categories: food (1st floor), fashion and hobbies (2nd and 3rd floor), interior design (4th floor), restaurants, cinema and amusement (5th floor), relaxation and interior design (6th floor). There are 8 screens at the Aeon Cinema on the 5th floor showing the latest movies.

Yokohama Cross Gate

CROSS GATE is a complex facility located in front of the Sakuragicho Station having 25 floors above ground and two floors underground. The 5th floor and floors 9 through 24 house the Yokohama Sakuragicho Washington Hotel. The 6th and 7th floors are used for offices, and floors 1 through 4 include a NTT Docomo shop, a British fashion brand shop, a convenience store, cafes, and restaurants including Torigin and Starbucks.

Yokohama Cosmo World

Cosmo World is divided into three zones according to age appropriateness, and is located on both sides of the Ooka River’s mouth into Tokyo Bay, with a bridge connecting the mainland section with the Shinko Island section. With its waterfront view on all ends, Cosmo World is scenic and beautiful by day, and its brilliant lights make it a romantic place to walk at night.

Yokohama Osanbashi Pier

The Osanbashi Yokohama International Passenger Terminal is a major port where foreign cruise ships dock during international cruises. With a maximum height of 70m and width of 15m, the steel construction was designed by Alejandro Zaera Polo and Farshid Moussavi (a UK-based architect).

Yokohama Nigiwaiza

Japanese popular performing arts include a wide range of styles such as Kabuki (traditional Japanese drama which follows highly-styled forms and takes up stories with popular appeal), Noh play(classical Japanese play), traditional singing such as Nagauta (traditional chanting to samisen accompaniment), and variety-show entertainment such as Rakugo (traditional comic storytelling), Manzai (stand-up comedy) and conjuring tricks.

Red Brick Warehouse

Maintaining the vestiges of its warehouse past with its elegantly quaint exterior and hosting a variety of small shops, seasonal events, and an oceanfront view of the Yokohama Bay Bridge and Osanbashi Pier, the Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse charms and delights anyone who visits. Come and enjoy a truly memorable time with the people who are special in your life.

Iseyama Koutai shrine

Constructed in 1870, the Iseyama Kotai Shrine enshrines the Shinto sun goddess, Amaterasu-Omikami, and is often referred to as the “Oise-san of the Kanto Region.” The guardian deity of Yokohama where many people visit on New Year’s Day, for cherry-blossom viewing, and so on.

The best course of Minatomirai tour

Per Lap 4 kilometers

Best departure time 1:00 pm

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