Stylish Dinning

Interior Design

  • Our owner and an architect collaborated and designed the restaurant interior, winning a Japan Space Award in 2002.  Enjoy our Japanese-themed beautiful space.
  • Our kitchen is designed so that you can enjoy the skylines over our chefs. We have an open kitchen other than the arm-wing length dishwashing space.  Our entrance façade showcases the lead-lining walls, and a large customized glass paneled refrigerator provides functional designs and our signature appearance.  
  • Our dinging room offers table seating surrounded by walls covered with real “Biccho charcoal”.We also offer semi-private rooms decorated with customized ceramic tiles made at a traditional ceramic facility (Probably we are the only one who have such designs in Japan).  I In addition, we meticulously coordinated Japanese traditions such as stained Japanese paper, providing you with beautiful Japanese designs you can enjoy.

Selected ingredients


Our dishes are carefully selected, one by one, based on its quality and textures to achieve uniformity.  We even use award-winning dishes.

It’s ultimate joy to drink cold sake using the carafe and Ochoko (sake glass) of your choice.   

art of pottery

Ota Kumao Pottery

Mr. Kumao Ota founded the Ota Kumao Pottery.  He was born as a third son of Koishiwara-yaki Potter, working as a potter since an early age.  Muneyoshi Yanagi, a famous folk craft and pottery maestro happened to discover Kumao’s talent when visiting Koishiwara.  Kumao received a grand prize at a World’s fair in Brussel in 1958.


Receiving the award gave Kumao a confidence to open his own pottery in Sarayama.

Kumao taught me the craftsmanship as well as managing the business around the time I graduated from a middle school.  

Kumao received numerous awards including the one awarded to a special craftsman, “Oju houshou” in 1971.  He kept making potteries with his son and grandson Mitsuhiro, looking to have an exhibit showcasing works by three generations.  Kumao passed away in 1992.  


I inherited the Ota Kumao pottery, and just like we used to do, my son Mitsuhiro and I continue to work on our potteries.   We will strive to work hard to spread the great works of Koishiwara Pottery.