We serve Japanese food, however, our cooking methods are different from the traditional “washoku” Japanese cuisines.  

We proudly cook Yakitori and Kamameshi in front of our customers, using fresh ingredients.


Japanese style skewered chicken

  • We serve over 20 different types of Yakitori, showcasing their freshness and grilling techniques.
  • Types of yakitori range from basics such as thighs, negima (onion with meats), sunagimo (gizzard), tsukune (meat balls), liver, to bonchiri (tail), for Yakitori connoisseurs.

Our soy sauce based sauce has been nurtured for a half-century.  

Using the sauce, our yakitori specialists grill yakitori on the charcoal grill, creating the savory aroma and the ultimate Japanese taste.   


Momo (Thigh) …¥227

Nagima (Breast w/ scallion) …¥215

Reba (Liver) …¥227

Shiro Reba (White liver) …¥300

Kawa (Skin)¥215

Sunagimo (Gizzard)¥215

Bonchiri (Tail)¥227

Hatsumoto (Hearts source) …¥230

Tebasaki (Wing) …¥348

Tori Nankotsu (Soft knee bone)¥215

Butabara (Pork belly) …¥230

Tsukune (Meatball) …¥230

Shishito (Kapanese green pepper) …¥189

Shirokoro (White roller hormone) …¥260

Shiitake (Shiitake mushroom) …¥230

Ginnan (Ginkgo) …¥274

Ikada (Chicken wings) …¥189

Uzura (Eggs of quail) …¥189

Ninniku (Garlic) …¥314


Japanese rice pilaf cooked in an iron pot

Our special artisans cook one Kamameshi at a time, using our own cooking method.

We use rice suitable for our special cooking broth.  Because we use an individual rice pot to cook, you will enjoy the freshly cooked rice flavor.

Our special rice is blended so that it complements the flavor of our sauce for Kamameshi.  

Torigin started the Oyako Kamameshi “Sake & Ikura (Salmon & salmon roes)”.  We serve over 20 different types of Kamameshi.  We also have seasonal Kamameshi.  Our Kamameshi are so popular because of the taste, our attention to detail and reasonable prices.  


Takenoko-Kamameshi  ¥876

Sliced bamboo shoot toppings

Sansai-Kamameshi  ¥876

Various wild vegetable toppings

Tori-Kamameshi  ¥933

Minced chicken

Tori Sansai-Kamameshi  ¥933

Minced chicken, various wild vegetable toppings

Kani Sansai-Kamameshi  ¥1,143

Cooked crab, various wild vegetable toppings

Kani Asari-Kamameshi  ¥1,362

Cooked crab, clams toppings

Kani Ikura-Kamameshi  ¥1,660

Cooked crab, salmon roe toppings

Ikura Shiitake-Kamameshi  ¥1,480

Salmon roe, shiitake mushrooms toppings

Anago Ikura-Kamameshi  ¥1,630

Anago eel, shiitake mushrooms toppings

Ikura Sanshoku-Kamameshi  ¥1,480


Anago-Kamameshi  ¥1,457

Eel, shiitake mushrooms toppings

Gomoku-Kamameshi  ¥1,143

Chicken, bamboo shoot, shiitake mushroom, and shrimp toppings

Asari-Kamameshi  ¥1,248

Clams toppings

Oyako-Kamameshi  ¥1,460

Chicken, scramble egg toppings

Kani-Kamameshi  ¥1,314

Cooked crab toppings

Ikura-Kamameshi  ¥1,530

Salmon roe toppings

Tori Tama-Kamameshi  ¥962

Chicken, eggs toppings

  • We cook almost everything from scratch at our company and restaurant.  We use ingredients that are simple yet carefully chosen.  
  • We serve a wide range of small dishes including duck, egg and chicken dishes such as Tataki (lightly seared fresh meat), our famous miso-flavored fried chicken, and small hot pot, salad, and smoked meat.   
  • Our long-run traditional Crab Salad uses plenty of real crab meat and reasonably priced.  For the Crab Salad, we recommend our Ume dressing.  
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Green Salad  ¥696

Boiled Crab and mountain vegetable.

Crab Salad  ¥1,124

Boiled Crab and mountain vegetable.

Spinach Salad  ¥743

Boiled Crab and mountain vegetable.

Agemen Salad  ¥887

Boiled Crab and mountain vegetable.

Daikon Salad  ¥838

Boiled Crab and mountain vegetable.

A la carte

Edamame  ¥465

Boiled soybeans

Torigin Karaage  ¥790

Fried chicken

Tori Nankotsu Karaage  ¥630

Fried cartilage chicken

Reba Tempura  ¥629

Lever tempura

Nikomi (Nankotsu, Motsu)¥648-

Simmered in soy source flavor

Tataki (Nankotsu, Momo)¥695

Seared cartilage chicken or chicken thigh

Tori Nabe  ¥1,171

Japanese stew with chicken


Smoked Cheese  ¥470

Smoked Eggs  ¥470

Smoked Kamaboko (fish cake)  ¥450


Japanese Savory Egg Custard
Hot appetizer. It is a type of egg custard steamed in a cup, but it is not sweet.

Asari Chawanmushi  ¥530

With clams

Torimomo Chawanmushi  ¥460

With chicken thigh 

Ranou Chawanmushi  ¥460

With egg yolk